Neigbourhood Workshops in Bologna and León

After the successful implementation of the neighbourhood workshops in Leipzig (October 2004) and Ljubljana (December 2004) and in Bologna (San Donato) two further workshops will take place soon:

In Bologna: Navile (Bolognina) Wednesday 23 February 2005

In Leon: 25 - 26 February 2005


2004-05-07 - Re launch of the Re Urban Mobil web site

The web site is re-launched, it has been adapted to the “corporate identity” of the project established with the design of the project information brochure. From now on this site will be exploited to its fullest to communicate findings and aspects of the project progress.


The 4th full meeting of Re Urban Mobil

The 4th full meeting of Re Urban Mobil will be hosted by the City of Leon from the 12th to 15th of May 2004. A new and different meeting structure will provide room for both discussing intensely and enjoying the city. A comprehensive and holistic picture of the each partner city will be generated. The cities will be reviewed through the eyes of the for participating disciplines. Thus we are looking forward to a fascinating meeting producing new insights and perceptions of the cities and the process of re urbanisation as a whole.



Next meeting in Leon in May 2004


1st annual report submitted.


The first annual reported has recently been submitted. It covers the period from the project start on first of November 2002 until the 31st of October 2003 and summarises all activities and outcomes of the first year of the project runtime.