Draft schedule for Kick-off meeting in Leipzig posted.

Kick-off meeting for the FP5-project Re urban Mobil

Draft program

//Thursday 31st of October//
9.00 am-12.30 am , Congress Centre, Mehrzweckfläche Ost
open to the public

Presentation of the participating cities:
Commission representative

12.30 am –2.00 pm lunch

2.00 pm- 5.30 pm UFZ Centre for Environmental Research

Presentation of the participating research institutions:
Centre for Environmental Research
Krakow University of Technology- Institute of Landscape Architecture
Academia Istropolitana Nova
Urban Planning Institute Slovenia
University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Architecture
University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economic
Queen Mary and Westfield College - Geographie Department
Sheffield Hallam University - School of Environment and Development
Institute of Geonics - Department of Environmental Geographie
Tour around the Centre for Environmental Research

8.00 pm dinner

//Friday 1st of November//
9.00am -12.30 am, Congress Centre, Hall 5

Detailed approach to the working program
Definition of key objectives for the entire
Definition of objectives and working methods for the working phases I and II

(workpackages 1-6)

12.30am -2.00pm Lunch

2.00 pm –5.00 pm
Tour around the Leipzig neighbourhoods selected for the case studies

8.00 pm Evening program

//Saturday 2nd of November//
9.00am -12.30am , Congress Centre, Hall 5

Presentation of the neighbourhoods proposed for the case studies in Ljubljana, Bologna and Leon (detailed presentation on bases of data and graphic material)

12.30am –2.00 pm Lunch

2.00 pm-5.00pm, Congress Centre, hall 5

Presentation of the Aufbauwerk Leipzig GmbH, responsible for financial management

questions concerning technical and financial implementation of the project


The project will begin with a kick-off meeting in October.

Be sure to check again for current news later.